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  • CNC Rotary Router

  • CNC Rotary Router

  • CNC Rotary Router

CNC Rotary Router


CNC Rotary Router

CNC Rotary Router

  • Applications

The CNC rotary router is a great help in field of rotary die making. The development of CNC technology makes the cutting of rotary die board more features: low energy consumption, high accuracy, high efficiency and easy operation

  • Features and Functions

Low cost machine, quickly to return investment.

Low consumption, two degrees of electricity per hour only

Low maintenance cost, milling cutter consumption only

Working environmental protection

Fully automatically drilling cut the installation hole, one-time to complete the rotary die cutting process

High rigidity machine bed with annealing process to ensure the accuracy

Fully closed design, isolation of dust, no pollution

  • Machine Parameters

Model no.YTR-800C
The maximum cutting board size170~800*3000mm
Cutting speed0.21-0.72m/min
Precision accuracy0.05mm
Transmission systemPrecision ball screw&linear guide
Driving motorImported from Taiwan
Machine size4.2*1.2*2.2m(L*W*H)
Power supplySingle phase, 220v, 50/60hz


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