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YITAI is committed to providing one-stop service solutions for packaging printing and die making enterprises.

YITAI DIE MAKING SUPPLY was established in 2003, which belongs to Taiwan Grandcorp Group for importing business. The business scope includes laser cutting machine, flat& rotary die board, die cutting & creasing rule, and providing other related die making materials and machines..

In 2013, YITAI started to step into foreign market and opened Alibaba platform; a foreign trade team was set up later and team members grew up to 4. In 2014, YITAI became agent of US TruPoint TM doctor blades in printing industry. In the same year, YITAI began participating in exhibition in domestic and foreign market. In 2015, YITAI joined the IADD and became the first Chinese die maker in the international die making association.

Up to 2016, YITAI foreign trade team members grew up to 5 and started production & sales of laser machine.The Foreign trade annual sales exceeded 10 million .In the second year, the after-sales department was established and YITAI joined European die making Association and built another Alibaba platform. In the same year, YITAI’s annual sales exceeded 20 million. YITAI’S products have been exported to North America, South Asia, Australia, South America, Africa and other regions.

In 2018, YITAI established e-commerce operation department and built MIC platform. YITAI developed 8 overseas agents across the world. YITAI brand stepped out of China and goes around global. Soon afterwards, YITAI increased product chain and expanded sales channels. Nowadays, YITAI not only provides die making material and laser cutting machine, but also other related die making machines, such as water jet cutting machine, sandwich die making machine, cnc rotary router, sandwich die router, etc.

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