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  • Auto Bending Machine B3-CBN

  • Auto Bending Machine B3-CBN

Auto Bending Machine B3-CBN


Auto Bending Machine B3-CBN

  • Applications

The B3-CBN is a great help in field of flat die making.The development of auto bending technology

make the die making rule process:low energy consumption,high accuracy,high efficiency and easy


Auto Bending Machine B3-CBN

  • Our Ideas for Design

1.Dual-screw feeding system will be suitable to all kinds of rules

2.Stable and reliable design will extend working life.

3.Improving safety system to avoid accident.

4.Changing spare parts to be more convenient

5.Applying newest control system to achieve better performance

  • Advantages

1.Multi function punching mold system(punching+cutting+lipping+perforation)

2.Patented double-screw feeding system,cutting height 7~32mm using the same mold,Feeding speed is fast and precise.

3.The top-mounted broaching system is convenient for blade replacement and maintenance,good chip removal and easy cleaning.

4.All servo system is adopted,which is efficient and energy-saving,accurate and stable,clean and easy to maintain.

5.(Optional)Tungsten nicking blade(0.18~1mm)is efficient,stable and long lifetime.

  • Technical Parameter:

Bending Blade thickness(mm)0.45mm/0.71mm/1.07mm
Bending Blade height(mm)7mm-32mm
Bridge widthOver 3mm any sizes available
Bridge height10-20mm
Nick depth range 0.18-1mm
Air supply1CFM at 6 bars
Power supplySingle Phases220V,20A3KW,50/60Hz
Gross weight420KGS
Overall dimension2800×800×1500mm(L×W×H)
PackageWooden case
Auto Bending Machine B3-CBN


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