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YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

Feb. 23, 2024

Yitai YTX series Die board laser cutting machine can cut 5-22 mm plywood with cutting speed of 130~150m/h. Adopt Gantry style and mixed laser path structure, adopt imported reflect mirror and lens from America to make laser path thinner and the cut stronger, the laser precise cutting different 2pt, 3pt and 4pt seams.

 YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

>>> Machine Features

1. New laser head design with anti-collision system, two separated pressing feet with balls on the bottom, make sure moving smoothly.

2. The structure of gantry with small size is stable and reliable. Gantry type machine can individually adjust , X, Y, Z axis, individual control.

3. Germany PA system: following up system, 0.5pt, 1pt, 2pt, 3pt, 4pt ( 5 types line cutting automatically at same time).

4. Adopts cast iron process to the cutting bed, ultra-high accuracy and stability, the machine weight reaches to 8 tons.

5. Cutting path display function: it shows the real cutting situation on the screen. Sealed laser path and clean environment offer a long-time lifespan for the lens.

6. Fully-enclosed stainless steel shield, with effective exhausting system, 100% get rid of the smoke and ash, give workers a healthy workplace.

7. High energy savings: one standard bottle Helium gas can be used for 300 hours

8. Auto oiling system for linear guide and ball screw, no need manual maintenance.

9. Individual flat engraving system. It can engrave letter, number, and logo quickly. Rotary drilling system. It automatically drills the counterbore.

 YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

>>> Applications
Die board laser cutting machine is mainly for cutting plywood, MDF, PVC, acrylic and thin metal board, It's widely used in printing, packing, die making industries......


>>>Technical Parameters

Model No.




The table moving

Gantry construction

Laser output power

High power axial flow CO2 laser source

Axis travel

X-2440mm   Y-1220mm   Z-120mm

Cutting width

 0.5pt, 1pt, 2pt, 3pt, 4pt ( 5 types line cutting at same time)

Cutting precision


The maximum cutting board size


Cutting speed(1000W)

Flat: 70~90m/h

Rotary: 45-55m/h

Cutting speed(1500W)

Flat: 90~120m/h

Rotary: 55-65m/h

Cutting speed(2000W)

Flat: 130~150m/h

Rotary: 75-85m/h

Re-Positioning Precision


Controlling system

Germany PA

Transmission system

Ball screw & Linear guide (TAIWAN)

Driving system

Japan high-precision servo drive and motors

Optical system


Moving structure


Chiller system

Made in China

Laser generator gas matched

He, N2, CO2 (99.999%)

Laser cutting thickness


 >>>Machine Consumption:

Total rated Power

Electricity consumption

Gas consumption (He)

Gas consumption (N2)

Gas consumption (co2)







20 degree/H






>>>Laser Cutting Machines For Sale

Hot-selling machines includ 400/600watt, 1500watt die borad laser cutting machine, Laser Engraving Machine, CO2 Laser Machine, auto blade bending machine which used in the packing&printing, die board making and advertising industries.

 YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine



Auto Bender Machine Details

Auto Bending ,Bridging , Cutting , Lipping, Broaching,Nicking,Perforation, Bending Notching with 0.45-3mm thick and 8-60mm high blade. Low energy consumption,high accuracy,high efficiency and easy operation, Yitai auto bender is a great help in field of flat die making, exactly to realize fully automatic bending, help to save plate making time.

YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

>>> Machine Feature
1.Multi function punching mold system(punching+cutting+ lipping+perforation).

2.Patented double-screw feeding system, cutting height 7~32mm using the same mold, Feeding speed is fast and precise.

3.The top-mounted broaching system is convenient for blade replacement and maintenance, good chip removal and easy cleaning.

4.AII servo system is adopted, which is efficient and energy-saving, accurate and stable, clean and easy to maintain.

5.Tungsten nicking blade(0.18~1mm) is efficient, stable and long lifetime.


>>>Technical Parameters

Bending Blade thickness(mm)


Bending Blade height(mm)


Bridge width

Over 3mm any sizes available

Bridge height


Nick depth range



cutting, lipping, notching, broaching(3pairs), nicking(3pairs),bending, perforation, seamless joint

Air supply

1CFM at 6 bars

Power supply

Single Phases


Gross weight


Overall dimension


>>>Functions and usage:

 YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

>>> YT Bending System
1.Feeding-----use the roll feeding system,could feed the steel rule very fast and accurately
2.Cutting-----automatical cutting, easy to cut the steel rules
3.Bridging-----automatic bridging Width height adjusted atomatically.
4.Lipping-----automatic lipping
5.Bending-----use firmware bending system, could bend the boxes, toys, electronics perfectly
6.Rule Rest-----use the single rule rest,could move two sides to ensure the clockwise or anticlockwise rule trays
7.Broaching ----- Use Tungsten Broaching Saw Blade, Longer LifeTime.
8.Nicking ----- Use Tungsten Nicking Saw Blade, Longer LifeTime. Gap from 0.2mm to 0.8mm.
9.Perforation ----- Use Tungsten Saw Blade, Longer LifeTime.
10.Bending Notching ----- Automatic Bending Notching.
11.Software-----English Spanish Russian interface is easy to learn and operate
12. Trainning -----Complete training installation videos.

>>>Die Making Manual Machine Details

Manual Die board tools are widely use in plywood die board making factory and  die board making work shop.That is good as assistant tools after you buy our blades bending machine for make plywood die board.Also we can provide series of dies for board maker industry machinery.

 YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

 YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine


One-stop die making supply

Yitai Precision Machinery was established in 2003. which belongs to Taiwan Grandcorp Group.Yitai is professionally in manufacturing the laser machine, CNC router, box sample cutting machine,flat&rotary die board,die cutting creasing rule,and providing other related die making materials and machines. We have successfully provided complete sets of die making equipment to hundreds of box factories in multiple countries, helping them establish and open die shops. With over 5000 global clients and 8 global agency partners, our products have been exported to North America,South Asia,Australia,South America,Africa and other regions in overseas.we have been a member of the American IADD for 7 years, over the past 20 years, we have grown together with partners from over 100 countries worldwide. Our professional after-sales team provides 24-hour online service, ensuring that customers have no worries after purchase.

 YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

>>>Why Choose Us

The common choice of 5,000+ customers worldwide, Yitai Precision Machinery is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in manufacturing CNC die making equipment, with over 20 years of R&D experience, our products have been exported to North America,South Asia,Australia,South America,Africa and other regions in overseas.


1. Quality Assurance

Products comply with international CE guidelines.Stable and high quality equipment with timely delivery.

2.After-sales service

1) One-stop die making supply,meets every diemaker’s and diecutter’s needs with a full line of tools and equipment.

2) English-speaking engineer is available for installation and training.

3)English software, installation and related training instructions and videos are available for end-users.

4)With our customer-orientated service support, maintenance and repair costs will be kept low.

5)We supply 1 year warranty and life-Long engineering service.

3. 24 Hours online service with experienced technician.

All sales man are coming from engineering with well english speaking.they are responsible to customers with pre-sale and after sale services directly.

4.Professional Team

20 Years experience with die making and die making machine manufactory.focus on high quality products.Exporting machines to 100 countries and helping over 5,000 users to improve their business.


>>> Please Let Us Know

1.what machine do you need?

2.what materials will be processed? The size and thickness?

3.what is your business scope? Are you end user or distributor?

 YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine



YITAI Die making Supply carries a variety of tools and equipment, manufacture and supplier of die making machine and material. If you’re looking for something in particular or you’re not sure which equipment is best for your needs, give us a call or Email. Our knowledgeable customer service team will help you make the right decision.

YTX Series-1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine






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